Ganymede (single)

by Love and Radiation



released November 6, 2012

recorded and engineered by Jonathan Freund, mixed by Jonathan Freund and Love and Radiation



all rights reserved


Love and Radiation Chicago, Illinois

Love and Radiation is the project of Adele Nicholas and Lakshmi Ramgopal, vocalists, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists based in Chicago. Love and Radiation's debut album, You Will Know Me, released on April 9, 2013. Evoking meditative forests alongside pulsing dance floors, You Will Know Me explores darkness and ritualism with an urgency hard to dismiss. ... more

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Track Name: Ganymede (single)
Ceaseless light, pale and cold
Silhouettes your face
Icy rivulets draw a map
Scarring ashen plains
Your heart lies fallow
In isolation
Your breath is shallow
The air is so thin.

An arc of talons tears the sky
His breath a cloud upon my eyes
No and yes, again, again, again
Oh, my love, he whispers in my head
In the night, he whispers in my head.